Thursday, August 27, 2009

The 3-month Mark

I gave myself a year to get where I want to be. I'm keeping my estimates conservative as I know I may burn out and need a break that might slow me down. But the good news is that after 3 months I'm on track and feel no signs of burn-out yet. The better news is that as of 2 months ago, Hiromi has joined in the quest for fitness and we are having a lot of fun working out together.

Hiromi and I have both quadrupled most of our lifts over the last 2 months. Hiromi has gone from being able to deadlift about 25 pounds to multiple reps at over 100. In squats, she went from having joint pain doing squats with no weight, to now doing multiple reps of 65 pounds, pain free. Yeah Hiromi!

You don't want pictures of us, so here's two of the kids. Kai and Kikyo both deadlifted 20 pounds last week. I'm not helping... just there as a spotter. Good for them.

We're not trying to lose weight right now, but rather we are trying to gain muscle. Though we don't exactly want to gain weight either. With Fall coming, the urge to eat seems to be upon us. But lots of spinach salad dinners and oat breakfasts are helping to keep the weight steady. I'm very happy with our fitness effort so far.


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