Saturday, June 06, 2009

Broccoli. 100, 200.

My quest for a better spinach salad continues. But I didn't have any spinach last time I wanted to try one. So I used a pound of little broccoli tips. I suspect that anything you would normally make with spinach will succeed with broccoli too. Different, but good nonetheless.

I thought it would take longer to get here, but I've made it to 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups. I think that's enough for what I want to do. It took me over an hour to get them done the first day that I did that many. But it's down to 30 minutes now. Sweet! I didn't expect to reach that point for another month or so.

And more good news... I didn't give away my barbells after all. I found them in my disused relequary. Well, disused closet anyway. Today is my first day for real curls. Will it hurt like hell tomorrow after the first real workout for a new set of muscles? Or, will the push-ups and sit-ups somehow help? Only one way to find out.


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