Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Theories on Blogging

Have you ever noticed how a lot of blogs don’t get updated often? First, there are the 70% of blogs that get started only to be permanently abandoned within weeks once the author realizes that “blogging” is just not in their personality. Then there are the blogs, like this one, that exist for a reason… In this case, to let friends and family in far places know what is happening, and (let’s face it) to show pictures of the kids.

But the trouble is that the blogger (that’s me) is having lots of fun with his kids, and can see them whenever he wants. So it isn’t exactly a priority to find the mini-USB cable that Kikyo may have dragged off somewhere so that he can dump pictures onto the computer, and then pick out the best couple of them, and bring them into Photoshop to crop and color-adjust, etc. That just isn’t the priority… You, reader, are not the priority.

Have you ever noticed how bloggers chide each other… But, for example, when one blogger goes for 6 months without updating his blog, he never feels right chiding the other blogger until he puts a post of his own up? But it’s like a license. Even if you update your blog once a year, you have license to chide other neglectful bloggers for about a month after you update your own.

Well, I guess I now qualify. Who shall I chide?