Friday, July 04, 2008


Any plumbing job that involves less than three trips to the store for that "one little piece I forgot" is a success. And by that measure, I just made it. :-)

A few weeks ago, we bought a used 1 hp centrifugal pump from Dyke and Tina Dye, hoping to make better use of the surface water on our property for irrigation (Thanks Dyke and Tina). It was my first 240 volt wiring job. The funny thing about wiring in a 240 volt pump is how simple it is... So I was a little surprised when after hooking everything up, the power wouldn't turn back on. I spent about half an hour looking at every connection to see what the heck I did wrong. Finally, we found out that a car just happened to take out a power line down the street while I had the power off. Very funny.

This kind of thing happens enough to me that I think God is generally benevolent, but must also enjoy sit-coms. As for the pump:

We tucked it under the deck...

Hooked in the various fittings...

Built a cage to keep leaves and such off the foot valve...

And, Eureka!


We thought we would try those crazy tomato water greenhouses this year. So far, so good.

And, the blueberries are almost ready! These are the Blueray variety.

Kaiger Woods

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Kikyo: "Say what?"