Thursday, May 08, 2008

Things That Have Been Happening

We gave Kikyo a bath just before her birthday. She liked it so much, we may let her have a bath every year.

Remember when there was snow... It wasn't too long ago here. (And an even less distant memory we hear, for some people we know.)

Kai went through a brief "ear-muffs" phase. We're not 100% sure he is done with this phase either.

Kikyo prefrred a fuzzy hat.

And Kai learned to fly.

And we had a visit from McKenna. I hope I spelled her name right.

Dayton came too.

As they were packing to leave, we caught Kikyo trying to pack Kai up to go with them.

Now that it is Spring, Kai is helping in the yard.

And Kikyo has become a biker chick.

She's quite a climber too... Just like Kai.

Kai is impressed when flowers are as big as he is.

Kikyo is trying new fasions.

And Kai likes to take pictures of everything, including his yummy no-cheese pizza.

Now you know the things that have been happening.


Blogger Jeffrey J Sparks said...

My goodness! The kids get big so fast, don't they? I am looking forward to summer, when we will see all of you at least once, and we will have a big kid-playing-extravaganza whenever this is.


5/23/2008 08:45:00 PM  

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