Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Software...

I've just fixed a pretty annoying bug in my RPG Dice app. It will no longer freeze up when you try to stop a giant batch of rolls in the middle. I have also refined the interface a bit, improved how it works internally, and added features to support the MMORPG version of D&D known as Dungeons and Dragons Online. Info and download here:

For those who are curious, a little crazy, or obsessive, there is a version of this that supports 4-way asymmetric multiprocessing. Yes, your Core 2 Quad Extreme processor will now be able to generate 10,000 sets of attributes in maybe 4 seconds instead of 10. (I can't guarantee this since I don't have one... HOMER: Dooh! Stupid waiting 6 extra seconds for my 10,000 attributes to get rolled. /HOMER )