Thursday, June 21, 2007

Google, You Breaka' My Heart...

Sorry for the lack of posts... I have to admit that one month of the absense is due to my laziness. But recently, after Google bought out blogger, it has been because I keep getting locked out of my own account.

I finally have found a work-around that is annoying, but should give me some sort of ability to post... If I constantly reset my password, it will let me in for a few hours after each reset... As long as I don't close my browser.

Anyone know any good blogging services?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Think This is a Google Blog Now...

Not that you should care (nor that I should bother you with irrelivant info), but I think this blog is now handled by Google... I say "I think" because the transfer (if it did) process was pretty goofy... No confirmation that it happened and a lot of error messages.

Anyhoo, this is letting me post, and you are reading it. So wherever it exists in cyberspace, it at least appears to exist.